London Olympics 2012: Digitized the Technology


An array of technology has transformed the way spectators view 2012 London Olympics Games. Technology has changed the way we consume, share, and see the world around us. Although, majority of spectators watching this year’s Olympics Games will put on their television sets, there are many people who will follow the games on their mobiles and tablets. With the influx of social network, this year’s games are aimed to reach wide audience as all digital savvy Olympians connect to their devices and gadgets to reach their fans, making the game more accessible to people all over. Let’s go back in the history of the Olympic Games before the Internet to see how the communication evolved from birds to tweets. Dating back to centuries, it all began with pigeons. From 776 B.C. games until 384 A.D., Roman Emperor Theodosius I had put a ban on the Olympics so that he could impose Christianity [+more]

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Google Fiber Launches with a Bang in Kansas City


It was just a few days ago when Google publicly released the registration of 1 gigabit fiber network. The company plans to launch Google Fiber on both the Kansas and Missouri sides of Kansas City. What’s good news for Google is that there are already more than 20 percent of the qualified neighborhoods on the Missouri side who have arrived at Google’s thresholds within two days of its opening. This network is new and super-fast. However, things are a bit slow in Kansas City, Kansas, where the median household income is notably lower than on the other side of the city. Here, there are only three neighborhoods that have met Google’s goals. There are still hundreds of people who still have to sign up to bring fiber to their houses. Last week, Google officially launched Google Fiber and set it up as an unusual system as the company still had [+more]

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Mobile Traffic Jammed the Network at Olympic Broadcast

London 2012 men's cycling road race peloton climbing Box Hill

Controversy around the broadcast of 2012 Olympics Games in London does not seem to have come to a close yet. The International Olympic Committee had to request all attendees to avoid sending too many messages and texts. They have put a limit to the output of status updates only to ‘urgent’. Mobile updates by spectators at the Olympics clogged a mobile network that was being used by official TV data suppliers to transmit live telecast. Twitter and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have both worked hand-in-hand for the endorsement of the microblog service to connect with athletes, competitors and London 2012. The IOC says that the increase in number of users accessing mobile social media at some Olympic venues has interfered with mobile networks on which the games themselves depend. There are many television broadcasters who state that the coverage of Olympic cycling road races lacked official timing data supplied [+more]

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As Facebook Stock Sinks, Will It Live Up to the Hype?


Facebook Inc. plunged to a record low in stocks as investors started dumping stock, tumbled by the slowing growth of revenue. As per generally accepted accounting principles, Facebook actually lost $743 million, but reports a number that leaves out employee stock awards, options and related expenses. This news came as a relief to some investors, especially after the plunge in its partner, Zynga’s business yesterday. There are some analysts who believe that Facebook’s stock will be rewarded in the future and should be viewed as tomorrow’s stock. Founded in 2004 by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is now going through the transition from computer to mobile as the company is trying to figure out how to earn revenues from mobiles, gadgets and tablets. There are various analysts who believe that Facebook is full of potential and makes a good investment as the social networking site has almost one billion users and [+more]

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Google Unleashes New Search Results Page, Rolls Out to Big Change


Google is planning to get a cleaner design. A major addition in its search results page, Google has moved the search tools from the sidebar to several drops down menus under the search field. The latest notable changes to Google’s core function; this design also includes addition of a fully functional scientific calculator to the search page and a handwriting mode for web search in mobile and tablets. This new version is slowly rolling out to improve the user’s experience and seems to be fresh, new, and efficient. Experts believe that Google initiated this move to promote more business without the webpage looking cluttered. Revising and improving is part of Google’s philosophy as the company aims to give best services to its users. This vertical layout looks neat and has lot of whitespace flaking up on both sides that the company might use for advertising.

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Game Getting Tough for Zynga, Facebook Worries as Stocks Plunge


The surprising second-quarter stumble of Zynga has created questions about the company’s prospects with the social networking site, Facebook that actually makes up a major portion of revenue through gaming. Posting a plunge of $22.8 million for the quarter Wednesday, there have been concerns whether the gaming business can sustain or not. Zynga has seen a decline in the player engagement and enthusiasm for its games in recent months. Zynga’s shares opened at $3.06 in Thursday trading from a previous close of $5.08 that is far below its Initial Price Offering (IPO) of $10. The company has failed to demonstrate reasonable earnings on the horizon that has left all investors wishing for another game to play. In an earnings call Wednesday, the Farmville-maker said that delays in the launch of some games mark the reason behind the company’s loss. Zynga, a social gaming giant also admitted that its high-profile acquisition [+more]

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Facebook Q2 Earnings: A Shot at Rebuilding Image


Tomorrow might be an awakening call for Facebook- the day of its first earning reports as the company shares its financial information since its much-hyped initial public offering in May. Thursday marks a huge financial test as to whether Facebook will fulfill all the expectations to become the blockbuster business success so many investors have bet on. “There is a lot on the line,” states the Wall Street Journal. “Facebook efforts on advertising face a day of judgment,” says the New York Times. Being unpredictable since its debut, Facebook has not yet managed to rise to its original $38 share price as the social network faces questions about how much of the ads it depends on for the collection of its revenue. Apple has for years directly and indirectly promoted and inspired the rumor industry that envelops the social site. Those concerned about whether Facebook can uphold itself long-term as a business that is supported by [+more]

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With a Yearly Thrilling Six-Figure Salary: YouTube Has Made Partners Rich


Shelling out six-figures from pocket is dream come true for thousands of YouTube partners, who are now bringing in over $100,000 a year, as revealed by Google SVP and Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora. The firm shared the number during Google’s second quarter earnings call on Thursday, where Arora pointed to YouTube as an acquisition that has paid off for the company. Earlier, YouTube had claimed the number of six-figure earners in hundreds, which has now taken a rise. During the call, Arora recalled how the press had doubts regarding YouTube being a successful business model in 2006, the year it was acquired. “I think we can declare we found our model,” he said. Google usually maintains a low-key and doesn’t talk much about YouTube during its earnings calls. The firm stuck with its tradition on Thursday and did not reveal any revenue numbers for YouTube. Instead, Arora revealed some [+more]

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