Tuesday, July 23, 2024

AT&T Play Matchmaker for Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date With Suitors-Button Up To Enter The Galaxy

AT&T Play Matchmaker for Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Now that Samsung has chosen to hike the Galaxy trail in a seductive manner with the Galaxy S4, we are left craving for the exact date when we could grab the Samsung Galaxy S4 with our hands.

While the Korean makers are simply tightlipped about the launch date for users, the carriers have donned the garb of dictators. Seems like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile could debut the super-sexy S4 on different dates.

AT&T leads the promise pack with a S4 date on April 26 while Verizon and T-Mobile are expected to make the misty smartphone on May 30 and May 1 respectively.

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Starting today, there is anticipated a flurry of pre-booking for the Samsung Galaxy S4. With the unprecedented success of Samsung Galaxy, the buzz around the upcoming S4 is only obvious.

A statement from Sprint says, “Sprint is excited to bring the benefit of Truly Unlimited SM 4G LTE data to the U.S. variant of Galaxy S 4 in the second quarter of this year. Our customers will appreciate the ability to use Galaxy S4 to surf the Web, share pictures and videos, and use this smartphone as much as they want without worrying about throttling or overage charges on their monthly bill due to data caps.”

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