If you think 41MP is the only spec Nokia is offering in Lumia 1020, you are simply mistaken as Elvis or EOS or Nokia 909 or Lumia 1020 in yellow, white and black has tremendous camera-centric features other than only 41MP.

The exclusive camera of Lumia 1020 comes with both Xenon and LED flash and packs optical image stabilization (OIS) to produce sharper images in low light. The handset is said to take images in both 32MP and 5MP with an aspect ratio of 16×9. The 5MP snap is “over sampled,” with seven pixels dropping into a single “super pixel. The 1020 can also supposedly take an image at 38MP with a ratio of 4:3. In addition to OIS, it also sports an F2.2 aperture.

A camera grip as an accessory is also available at an extra cost of $70 (about UK£46, AU76). The handset is expected to be equipped with a 1,020 mAh battery for on-the-go charging plus microUSB for extra juicing. There’s also a slot to insert a tripod mount and a shutter button.

U.S. carrier AT&T is expected to sell the Lumia  1020 at $602 (about UK£402, AU$658) by the end of the month, whereas, Microsoft Stores will start selling from July 22.