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Google Nexus 7 Vs Asus Memo Tablet: The Utterly Butterly Delicious Rival In The 7- inch Tablet Market

Asus Memo TabletBy now you must have seen the month-old 7” ASUS MeMo tablet? Swept off by the  striking features? Or still in two minds? Is it Project Butter or the Google Now? For me I drool over both these features offered by the manufacturer in the new tablet by ASUS.

Project Butter is for the smooth running of the pad whereas Google Now acts as a personal assistant for those who need correct information whenever in need. So, what else could compliment the pad? Revealed in a Video by ASUS, here are some additional aspects of their new pad–

To make it ideal for hand-use on the go, the manufactures have made the touch pad comfortable i.e. the ten-finger multi-touch screen comes in-built. Users can even modify and tag pictures from the tablet. Simply put– a finger touch can enhance your picture. Isn’t it wonderful?

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Additionally, the Buddy Buzz is your companion to keep you active on all your social networking hubs. For the excellent audio quality, users would love Sonic Master and if you want to keep an artist alive in you, then bank on My Painter. It seems, ASUS has not spared any jaw-dropping app in their new tablet. Even  your writing urge could be fulfilled with SuperNote Lite, that allows users to scribble on screen.

Cloud-based 5 GB storage is perfect for synchronization of your files with your lappy, desktop or other tablet. Online office—WebStorage,  is always with your on the go to create or manage files. Email, calendar and timer like facilities may also be used effectively with Floating App. What else could you want from your tab?

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