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Asteroid 2020 RK2 May Collide With Earth’s Orbit On October 7

Asteroid 2020 RK 2, as big as an aircraft, is expected to cross the Earth’s orbit tomorrow.  The asteroid is said to be larger than a Boeing-747 jet and this space rock is set on the trajectory that will collide with the Earth’s outer orbit. 

The NASA Centre for Near-Earth Objects revealed that it has been keeping a close eye on the giant Asteroid 2020 RK2 for a few weeks now. The team at NASA first speckled the asteroid in September and classed it as an “Apollo asteroid.” The asteroid 2020 RK2 is estimated to range from 36m to 81 m in diameter, which means that it has a massive width of 118-256 foot.

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The Doomsday Is Here!

 This family of asteroids is expected to fly by Earth’s orbit safely without any disturbance. The chances of it causing any real damage is “extremely unlikely”. NASA is keeping a close watch on the asteroid and has said that the asteroid will be about 2,380,000 miles away from our planet. The agency stated that the asteroid is jaunting through the vastness of space at a high speed of 6.68 kilometres per second. This space, although impossible in the human world, is considered quite slow as per space traffic. It explains, “NEOs are comets and asteroids that have been nudged by the gravitational attraction of nearby planets into orbits that allow them to enter the Earth’s neighbourhood.” 

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5 Asteroids To Pass Our Planet Tomorrow

NASA claims that the Asteroid 2020 RK2 is unlikely to do any damage despite coming in close to the Earth’s orbit. It also stated that the astronomers will not be able to have a good look at the asteroid from Earth itself. NASA is expecting that at least five asteroids would zoom past the Earth by Thursday. Before 2020 RK2, another Asteroid 2020 RR2 will fly past Earth at a safe distance of 6.2 million kilometres, today itself. The asteroid 2020 is expected to pass through the Earth’s outer orbit at about 1.12 PM EST or 6.12 PM BST. 

 Stay tuned to know more about the updates on Asteroid 2020 RK2 and its current distance from the Earth.

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