Google Nexus 5 Release

While we just settled into our couches after CES 2014 and await MWC this year, the one big wait is for the Samsung Galaxy S5 after the spectacular performance of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The power specs of Samsung Galaxy S 5 should be worth a wait. However, this has made makers of the Google Nexus range of phones jittery.

It’s being said that the Samsung Galaxy S5 could come in a metal body since the Korean giants are keen on leaving the plastic patch behind. Google Nexus 5 comes in plastic and it’s available in black and white. It’s a wonder what you and I will like. Interestingly, Nexus 5 will soon get 5 new color variants, which is line with the latest trend. We’ve already seen the Nokia Lumia range and iPhone 5c released in bright colors. However, the Nexus 5 is also popular for its 8.5mm dimension, which makes it durable and gives it a chic look.

Beefed up with a 1080p display, the Nexus 5 is raring to gain the crown. However, if rumors are to be believed Google could be bidding adieu to this range soon. Samsung, meanwhile, has confirmed working on QHD display on the Galaxy S5. It could come with 2560×1440 resolution against the 1920×1080 on the Google Nexus 5.

Wrapping up, we thought it vital to update that the Nexus 5 could be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, while the Samsung Galaxy S5 could feature an 8-core Exynos chip with a Snapdragon 805-chip.

With so much going around, the battle between the two are set to get fiercer. We have taken sides, have you?