Prince William and Lady Catherine have welcomed their first royal baby boy. So what 21st century gadgets and gizmos do you think the royal baby deserves? Let’s read out.

The Why Cry Baby Crying Analyzer

Well, with this analyzer, the royalty would not have to think twice to find out the reason why their baby is crying. This monitor will examine the pitch of baby’s cries and will identify the reason so William and Catherine can solve it as soon.

Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer

This gadget might come to rescue of the baby’s nanny as it will easily keep a track of his food timing, nappies and diaper change.

4moms Cleanwater Collection

This gift will ensure the royal baby gets a safe and comfortable bath at the required water temperature.

AVA the Elephant Medicine Dispenser

This talking medicine dispenser will keep the baby entertained while feeding him the medicine. It holds a trunk that’s the medicine dropper.


Made of breathable and lightweight fabric, this SnoozeShade will easily fit over the baby’s stroller to give him UPF 50+ Sun protection.

Summer Infant Peek Plus Internet Baby Monitor System

Prince William and Catherine can keep an eye on the baby’s movements from the anywhere in the world with this system. The app on this device can be synced with iPhone, Blackberry or Android to the camera in Baby’s room.