Some games can cause a stir but only end up falling flat when handled on PC. Batman: Arkham Knight is one such game that was a pleasure to get hands on but the basic interface issues and graphics resembling an early generation PS3 feature, makes it a dissappointment for PC users. What was worse was right as gamers got their system notched up higher, Steam made the game unavailable for sale. As if the issues such as that Batman fails to unlock on Steam earlier was not demoralising enough!

Better News Revealed

While the bad news has poured in, Kotaku reveals that game players who have selectedArkham Knight Dampens Gamer Spirits With Poor Interface And Unavailability On Steam to receive the beta updates for Steam can actually lay hands on Arkham Knight and even play it seamlessly. Few gamers say on forums that post this update, the frames reached past 60/second with 1080p resolution. In fact, the issues over viewing angles and interface too straightened up post this update.

The Single Patch

While this is just because of a single patch, we will have to wait and see if this is finalised for being permanently placed later. With new saucy games set to strike us this year, we guess the Arkham Knight maker needs to hurry up if at all it wants to appease Batman fans.