Are The Price and Specifications of iPhone 6 Likely To Beat HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4?


Indeed, the craze for big-screen phones has taken the smartphone industry by storm. It’s a tough fight between HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. The non-Apple products seem to be taking a lead today with the price and specification of iPhone 6.

There are strong rumors that Apple will come up with a 4.8-inch display screen for the iPhone 6. If this is true, then the new iPhone will compete with HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 in the screen size department.

What to expect in iPhone 6?

Needless to say, a bigger screen would consume more power so Apple would focus to better the technology that increases battery life. For this, the developers could come up with gaze detection technology. Here, the phone would detect when you look at the screen and when you don’t to manage screen lighting.

Another much anticipated spec for the iPhone 6 would iOS7. For beginners, the icons and the interface in the iOS 7 have been redesigned completely and have a ‘flatter’ look. Indeed, it appears quite modish. A battery of exciting features like Control Center , Today view and AirDrop grace the iOS 7.

If Apple does away with the 16 GB model, then the iPhone 6 32 GB will likely be priced at £529, while the 64 GB model will carry a price tag of £599 an the 128 GB to be priced at £699. We’re waiting to see if the new iPhone 6 features will include a water proof body, folding capability and concept video feature.

What do you expect on the price and specification of iPhone 6?