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Are Nokia Lumia 520 And Nokia Lumia 720 Going To Slash Sales Of Samsung Galaxy S3?

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Former world leader in mobile phone technology Nokia looks all set to enter the race once again. The company is all set to develop an extensive lineup of affordable smartphones to cater to the emerging markets and snatch away the top spot from Samsung or should we see it’s ruling king Samsung Galaxy S3…

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With this in mind, Nokia unveiled two new Windows-based smartphones, the Lumia 520 and the Lumia 720, at the MWC 2013, which were more reasonably priced. In addition, the company also showcased the Nokia 301 and Nokia 105 phones priced at around Rs 4,500 and just over Rs 1,000 respectively. The Lumia 520 is priced under Rs 10,000 and the company is hopeful that it would make Windows Phones more popular among the consumers.

They say there’s a lot of profit in numbers, and as Nokia tries to play catch up with companies like Samsung and Apple, we’d say it’s a good call on Nokia’s part. While the latter two companies have achieved premium status in the highly competitive mobile device market, Nokia needs to look at alternative segments to increase its profits.

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