The right set of apps on your smartphone can make life a breeze. Here are some lifestyle apps that are a must have:

Have these apps to make your life simpleGroupon: If you are a social butterfly, then this app is best suited for you. Through this app, you can find exciting coupons and deals that you can encash at any given point. This app is free to download and is available for use on various online stores. Manage your budget better and save expenses with this money-tracking app.

PayPal: If you do money transactions online, then this is an app is a must have. It is safe to use and easy to operate. International transactions are really easy with PayPal.

Flashlight: This app can save you when you are stuck without any light. It immediately gives you a flashlight to keep going. Midnight adventures are so easy now!

To Do List: If you keep forgetting things you need to do, then install this app on your phone. It will list down everything that needs to be done and keeps reminding you.

Fandango: This app is necessary for those who love watching movies. Through this app, you can check out the latest releases and make bookings.

Yelp: If you are unsure of which restaurant you want to visit, this app is a savior. Get this app installed and get information on restaurants based on their location and cuisine. The choices become smaller and choosing is easier!

The List Continues

Along with the fun suggestion above, you can also download the following apps on your smartphone:

  • Facebook for social media
  • Kindle for book lovers
  • Lookout Security for high-tech mobile security
  • Evernote to keep track of all your important notes
  • Pulse for attaining news from across the world
  • HassleMe for task reminders