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Apple’s New Map Lacks Depth And Glint As Compared To Google Maps: Users

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Apple’s iOS 6 is out and is much loved by users. However, despite being a solid update, there are few glitches to the software.

In spite of so much to be liked about this new version, users are still reluctant to let go of old iOS due to the Google Maps application. The latest iOS 6 software does take Apple’s devices to new directions, only it lacks directions in its Apple Maps app.

Apple’s new Maps app is one new addition in iOS, which is universally hated by all reviewers. Apple replaced Google Maps in iOS 6 with its own maps application, which seems to be riddled with problems.

Misplaced addresses and inaccurate findings are main points in Apple’s new Maps app that are most hated by users.

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For its new app, Apple is using data navigation firm TomTom and others such as Yelp, to create information, only to disappoint users. On being asked to clear its stance on the matter, TomTom said it offered just the data and was not responsible to see how the app got into effect and worked.

The new Maps app by Apple comes pre-installed in its latest offering- the iOS 6 software.

News regarding the complaints is hitting the web across the globe, with users reporting getting misplaced due to incorrect landmarks or places.

But now these users got no choice until Apple upgrades its Maps app for better as it comes pre-installed in Apple devices.

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In spite of complaints regarding the Maps app, Apple’s iOS 6 is pretty solid. The firm has worked on a lot of changes to make the interface attractive and reasonable.

The iOS 6 comes installed with a lot of features including the ability to add photos or video to e-mails, set up different e-mail signatures, send Facebook updates or set a “do not disturb” period. And then there’s Siri tool, which can listen and command to voice controls.

All things good, but Apple really needs to work on its Maps app to give users a better search option. We know Apple will surely do it; it might just take some time.

Apple’s New Maps app has faced a lot of criticism. Many feel it lacks the depth and glint that Google Maps had.

The street sings tag on the app has a small font, which is not easy to read. So it’s likely for users to miss a turn with this new app. Along with place listings, the maps are also not logical. It isn’t as clear as traffic layout in the Google Maps. And now with Google Maps for Android, users can also take a peek inside the shops or buildings.

So downloading the latest iOS 6 is totally up to users. It depends on how much they use Maps. The iOS 6 has got a lot of exciting features. It’s just the Maps app, that we are sure Apple will immediately start working on to improve for better.

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