Apple recently unveiled the new MacBook Air at WWDC event. Post the launch, dark clouds seem to be floating over the firm as its latest MacBook Air gets hit with complaints regarding the Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

As per some users, the MacBook Air connects to the Wi-Fi for some time before the connection drops. Users then have to reboot their device before connecting again. All these concerns are raised at Apple’s support forum.

As per the complaint filed by one user on the forum, “I have a brand new Macbook Air which is able to connect to the internet for just a minute or two before suddenly it drops out. This is even though the signal still shows at full strength and all my other devices are still able to surf the net as per normal. This device is straight out of the box so no 3rd party applications have been installed. I heard that the Wi-Fi has been upgraded to 802.11 on this machine, could that be an issue? Do I need to return the machine or is there is a software fix for this problem?”

In fact, few users said the issue was resolved by updating the firmware on the Wi-Fi router.

However, taking the complaints seriously, we hope Apple would take the action to resolve the issue as soon.