The Apple iPhone 6 is most likely to be released this September. Apple will likely reveal it with its new iOS 7 during the first half of September and then actually release it for sale during the second half. Apple fans have been waiting these developments because the new iOS 7 and the iPhone 6 are said to be a huge jump forward for the Cupertino based tech giant.

What could it mean for Samsung Galaxy S5?

Analysing the Beta versions of iOS 7 can give a very good idea of what to expect from the new iPhone 6. We all know about the new biometric finger print security system embedded in the home button. But also expect much better speakers since iOS 7 has a voice only FaceTime feature for better sound clarity. With its auto update system and inclinometer among other power hungry applications, it is pretty certain that Apple is going to give the iPhone 6 a better battery. Rumours have it that the new iPhone 6 will also have a 128GB memory option and possibly a 12MP camera with HD recording and possibly much more functionality that the previous iPhones. Also likely is that Apple will make the phone’s screen bigger, maybe even up to 4.8 to 5 inches to beat back competition from the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its like.