Rumors that Apple will give its much-loved home button a miss on its upcoming iPhone, makes us list the top reasons why it has GOT to stay on the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 7 as well.

Apple’s Home Button saga-  To Stay Or Not To Stay?Will iPhone Turn The Android Way?

The iPhone can be made more Android-ish but sans missing out on the physical button. The increase in screen size that comes about due to skipping a tangible input can barely compensate much since iPhones are not our usual Android wares such as the LG G series or the latest Motorola Moto series.

Apple could stick to the home button after all, much like Samsung did. It can only add extra functionality while allowing quick access to camera, search and other apps depending on the intensity of pressing on the button. Apple, are ‘ya listening?

Understanding The Toggle Switch

For those who own an iPhone and have not experienced Android experience, you must try and understand how a switch-toggle function works. Try operating a standard on-off switch on a Play Station 3 or 4. If Apple adopts something similar from Google, we are game but haptic feedback buttons are big turnoffs.