Apple’s Buttonless 12-inch Macbook: How Will The Buttonless trackpad look like?

What will Apple's buttonless 12-inch Macbook with buttonless trackpad look like?

Apple's Buttonless 12-inch Macbook

We have hands on insider snippets revealing that Apple is working closely on launching a latest version in 12-incher for its Macbook line.  As per a post from the website Weiphone, the model in question could flaunt a bevy of altered specs including an absent cooling fan, for starters.  This is superb news for Macbook fans, as the past variants have not seen whitewashed revamps for a long time now.

The Macbook could also have a track pad-based device –that means there will be no buttons to interfere with your romance with Mac.

According to CNet, a fan less design is significant of and ultra-thin build with almost no weight around. Think for instance, Apple iPad Air.

  More news from Apple’s stable point out possibility of a smart watch being designed by the Cupertino giant and set for release this year itself.

The latest Macbook with 12-incher display could be a great performer like the 13-incher Mac and a superb carry-along mate like the 11-incher version. The icing here is that the price could be wallet-friendly while the design could be of clamshell category.