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Apple’s Brand New Gadget iPhone 5 Still Elusive for the Indian Consumer

Americans got their hands on iPhone5 as soon the phone was launched. The iPhone enticed the buyers at such a fast rate that in just three days Apple delivered five million iPhone 5s to eager buyers.

Apple rolled out iPhone5 around the world in  record time. Around 50 countries, including India, saw the launch of iPhone 5 with a big bang. But even after the launch, most of their countries have not got their hands on the device.

According to Indian retailers, the device reaches them in such low numbers that they sell out almost as fast as they arrive. “Many interested consumers keep calling or coming by to ask for it. Some also put down a deposit, so when stocks come, units are automatically kept aside for them” said an authorised retailer for Apple in a posh South Delhi mall, requesting anonymity.

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“We have stopped taking a booking amount from customers since we are not sure when stocks will arrive,” said one of the salesperson.

As per ET at Future World in Connaught Place, an Apple premium reseller, Dipankar, confirmed the shortage of the iPhone 5. “We don’t have any units right now and have no idea when it’ll be available. I can confirm that even our store in Kanpur does not have iPhone 5 in stock. Your best bet is to check back every week.”

People who are eager to buy the phone can go to eBay India and get their hands on the phone. Here, a 16GB iPhone 5 sells for anywhere between Rs 48,000 to Rs 50,000, which is a Rs 2500 to Rs 4500 over the maximum retail price.

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