Apple’s AirPlay technology gained fame in 2004, when it was first introduced in the iOS devices. The AirPlay technology let users stream videos, games, picture etc from iOS devices to HDTV, speakers and other devices that support AirPlay such as Apple TV over the use of a wireless connection.

Now according to a report in the Telegraph, Apple is working on to bring some big change to give users an enhanced and improved experience to how they listen to music over iOS devices.

Along with rumors of a new iPad Mini and iPhone 5, Apple might also announce the launch of a new feature update called “AirPlay Direct” on September 12th.

“AirPlay Direct” is believed to let users stream music from their iOS devices wirelessly to speakers without the use of any Wi-Fi connection.

The upgraded “AirPlay Direct” would eventually make things simpler for users and will let them stream media for iOS users as they now don’t have to be on the same network as an Airplay device.

Although Apple’s Airplay has great quality than Bluetooth streaming for music, the new feature is reported to have some more quality improvements.

Apple is also likely to pair the new Airplay functionality with the latest smaller dock connectors, which the firm is rumored to take out in future.