Apple seems is working on the specs of iOS 9 and if all goes well the iPad can turn into ‘Our Pad.’ Apple is set on revealing features that make iOS 9 based iPad Air more work-ready and flexible to use. This is in line with the ambitious Apple project for splitting the screen on the iPad. The company is set to announce this officially at the WWDC 2015 in June this year, according to a feature on 9to5Mac. The source is usually concerned genuine and reports buzz that often comes true.

 Apple Working Around iPad Air Split Screen Spec, Building Friendlier iOS 9 This will mean that the 9.7-incher device will now support multi-window functionality. So multitasking will be more than a breeze.

All we know now is that the multi-window modes will come in 1/2, 1/3 and 2/3 view sizes. Perhaps Apple is wary of Microsoft that has already spruced up the multi window mode game on its Surface Pro 3.

Amid all this, we have sniffed chances that the iPad Pro might just release a 12 incher version. A stylus might also be sneaked in and there will be two models with SIM and WiFi support while another would be WiFi Only.