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Apple Will Let You Delete Apps On iOS 9 To Save Up Software Space

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In case you tried to update your iOS 9 to the Beta 2 today, you might have stumbled upon a gem feature on the Beta 1 version.  The latest feature now permits users to delete apps from the operating system, if there is not ample space for newer downloads.

Apple Will Let You Delete Apps On iOS 9 To Save Up Software SpaceThe Inner Scoop

So in case you are scared of scarce space on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 9, simply delete some apps temporarily. Of course, once the update is over, the system automatically restores the deleted app and ensures that all your data stay put.

The Tweaks On iOS 9

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The feature is actually a part of few tweaks that iOS 9 will throw our way or at least that is what we gauged from a keynote at WWDC 2015.  Apple will now be able to send out small updates that need less free memory space. Few more features that save space are part of the latest version of the iOS 9 such as App Thinning. This will now allow developers to easily distribute smaller parts of applications to users. This also enables Swift library built-in. 

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
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