Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Apple Whitewashes Plans for iPhone 5S and Retina iPad Mini Arrival—Are The Makers Fumbling With Their Creations?

Half a month back, I was all set to buy the latest Apple iPhone 5S this June but now the makers have squashed my plans. The Apple iPhone 5S has been in news for being more economical than its predecessors and I wanted to be among the first to get hands on the 5S. Apple, very simply put the blame on supply issues or production pricks to justify its delay in launching the iPhone 5S. What furthers acts as an irritant is that the Apple Retina iPad Mini too will see delay.

The prick comes with Apple unable to find the perfect color coat for its iPhone 5S! Reminds me of the trouble Apple baked during its iPhone 4 saga. Seems like the makers are too bothered about internal make over the external image.. sigh!

Moving on to why the Retina iPad Mini will see delays—Apple reveals that it has landed into hot water on the design front. The Retina in making seems more complicated than the one in imagination!

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This will translate into monetary trouble for Apple but for me– this just ends my hope to get an Apple in hand sometime soon. I simply wish Apple mashed its pies quicker.

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