Samsung and Apple, which have been arch-rivals in the smartphone markets have Apple Watch vs Samsung smartwatchmaintained the same relation, when it comes to smartwatch. While Apple Watch is praised for its look, its high price is allowing many prospective buyers to switch over to the Samsung smartwatch, which is available at a much cheaper rate.

Where the Samsung Gear S costs only $300 and has its own cellular connectivity, the cheapest model of Apple starts from $349 and the luxury model is exorbitantly priced from $10,000 to $17,000. It also does not have any independent connection and to make or receive calls, it is necessary to have an iPhone.

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While Samsung smartwatch is leading the market in terms of connectivity and price, Apple smartwatch deserves a mention for its striking design. Apple Watch comes with a rectangular design yet it is available with a wide range of choice in terms of bands, materials, colors as well as sizes.

Users can also customize the watch face as per their choice. App development is also another criterion that makes the Apple Watch a better choice than Samsung smartwatch or other competitors as they are quite slow in this race.

Both companies have their dedicated mobile pay services to serve users well. Battery life of Apple watch is also quite low compared to Samsung or any other smartwatch.