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5 Reasons Why Apple Watch Could Be A Good Buy

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Apple Watch is all set to hit the market in 2015. This wonderful wearable technology is going to have some distinct advantages and disadvantages.Here’s How To Save Your Apple Watch From Stubborn Scratches

1. It is meant to be a helpful fitness companion because it takes constant note of how much you have moved around along with monitoring your heart beat and pulse rate.

2. For those who move time zones often, the Apple Watch adjusts itself automatically. This also happens when it’s daylight time so you need not save a new time each time. This smartwatch efficiently meets global time standards and has the same kind of precision found in GPS satellites.

3.Use this wonderful smartwatch to send messages, get weather updates and to receive stock quotes in easy steps.

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4.The design is a definite advantage because it is sleek and good looking.

5. It would work better with an iPhone but the Apple Watch can also work independently.

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