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Apple Vs Samsung: Apple Wants Ban On Sale Of Samsung Devices Along With $700 million

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As per latest news, Apple is worth billions of dollars and can reach a trillion mark within one year. Surely the most valuable firm!

Recently in August, Apple pulled off with winning a billion dollar over Samsung in compensation for infringing its iPhone patents.

But the story isn’t over.

In a most recent claim filed Friday, Apple now wants $700 million and more from Samsung along with a permanent ban on sale of Samsung devices, which infringe the former’s patents.

Primarily Apple had demanded $2.5 billion, which could have gone up thrice the amount of $1 billion, which Samsung actually paid the former.

Among the claims, Apple wants $400 million damage for design infringement by Samsung, $135 million for willful violation of utility patents, $121 million in supplemental damages based on Samsung’s device sales not covered in the jury’s deliberation, and $50 million of prejudgment interest on damages through December 31, which totals the amount to $706 million.

Apple clearly doesn’t want to let go of its patent rights. The firm’s latest iPhone 5 recently surpassed all previous sales record and was sold-out within 24 hours of its open-up.

Putting a ban on 20 Samsung devices including Galaxy S3 could be a major blow for the Korean manufacturer.

The Korean smartphone maker, of course, disagrees with the verdict and has filed a motion in response, asking for a new trail. The firm also called the court unjust, stating that the court’s restrictions on trial time, witnesses and exhibits were unmatched for a patent case, and also said that it didn’t give Samsung enough time to present a full and fair case.

Earlier this week, Samsung also said it plans to strike out at Apple in another courtroom case, adding iPhone 5 in an already existing lawsuit.

Apple and Samsung are currently fighting court cases in around ten countries all over the world, trying to vie for the top spot in the market of smartphones.

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