Soon after Microsoft launched its Office apps for Apple iOS, the latter updated its iWork apps for Mac, iCloud and iOS improving possibly every feature of Pages, Numbers and Keynote. The update has also introduced some fabulous new features in all these three apps. This update is supposed to make all the iWork apps to be highly compatible with Microsoft Office.Apple emoji changes

Keynote, Pages and Numbers on the iCloud platform have got better designs for their presentation, document and spreadsheet editors. They have also gained support for Retina displays. It has become much easier to share documents now. The best feature of the updated versions is the “view-only” setting, which lets you share documents with others but does not allow them to edit the same. You can now share password-protected files of Numbers, Pages and Keynote through an iCloud link in the iOS and Mac platforms.

If all the apps are taken into account separately as per their updated features, Keynote has gained features like enhanced Presenter Display layouts and labels, new builds and transitions. Numbers has got new printing options, custom table styles, custom data formats. Pages has been given improved copy-paste style, enhanced AppleScript support, better feature to properly position pasted and inserted items.

A host of other features are enhanced and included in Pages, Numbers and Keynote about which you can have detailed information in their product pages.