Quite true to the speculations going around, iPhone 5 was just the same as what was expected, no big surprises there!

Delivering what analysts thought Apple would, the fun of iPhone 5 will begin as the smartphone hits the shelves this 21st.

Despite all rumors and leaks, it was assumed that Apple would also announce ‘iPad Mini’ alongside. But the event was so packed with new releases that Apple thought it to be best to unveil the ‘iPad Mini’ next month.

At the press conference, Apple announced the new iPhone, revamped iPod, and an updated version of iTunes.

Clubbing together speculations of iPad Mini, Apple might have something in store for the holiday season. So we have enough time to grab a model of iPhone 5 and think about iPad Mini later on.

In case both- the iPad mini and iPhone 5 hit the stores by October end, Apple will get huge amount of foot traffic in its stores during November and the Christmas season!

Whenever the smaller version of much successful iPad is launched, the tab will have to face competition with Apple’s rivals- inexpensive 7-inch the Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, and Google Nexus 7.

Being powerful and strong, these tabs are less expensive and are priced at between $159 and $249.

Both the Kindle Fires have Amazon’s impressive ecosystem backing them, while the Nexus 7 offers Google’s latest Android software and Google Play apps and content.

iPad has sold around 84 million units so far. In its last quarter alone, Apple sold 17 million iPads. But nothing can guarantee the success of iPad Mini, as yet.

At the press conference for iPhone 5, Tim Cook, CEO, Apple said, “The iPad is driving the post-PC revolution at a breathtaking pace.”

Apple can hope to grab users’ attention with its ‘iPad Mini’, which is believed to come out at a lower price of maybe $299.

Another catch for the iPad Mini will be access to the App Store, which now has 700,000 apps, with 250,000 tailored for the iPad.

Post the iPhone 5 launch, now let’s just wait for the next offering by Apple – a smaller iPad, which we believe will be more comfortable to hold and lighter than the already existing 10-inch iPad.