Now that all disputes over the iPad trademark are settled, Apple is free to sell its tablet in China. The company has listed that its third generation iPad, also known as the iPad 3 will be available at Apple stores in China from July 20.

apple ipad available in chinaApple has set the selling price for its newest iPad at $499 while the older version iPad 2 can be availed at a little cheaper price- starting at $399. iPads can be bought online too from Apple’s website, at Apple stores or through approved resellers.

iPad 3 could well have been launched in China a few months back, but the company had to  wait  following the name related dispute. Apple assured that it had bought the global rights to the iPad name from Shenzhen Proview Technology in 2009, but Chinese authorities said the rights in China were never transferred. A Chinese court then passed a statement in December that Proview is still the owner of the name ‘iPad’ in China. As a result all iPads in the nation were seized following the judgement.

However, Apple Inc. has now settled all its disputes and has bought the name yet again from Proview for $60 million. The company won approval from Chinese regulators for selling the gadget in May.

The new model of iPad that will go on sale in China from July 20, is already used by people in the U.S. and several other countries having being released earlier in March. iPad 3 features a sharper screen and a faster processing chip compared to the previous two iPad models.

The Chinese market is integral to Apple, since it’s the second largest market after the United States. Sales in China are also important for the company’s growth.

Till date, Apple has enjoyed supremacy in the tablet market and it is important for the company to hold on to its place as other competitors such as Google and Microsoft are launching competing devices.