Sunday, July 14, 2024

Apple to Get Back its Mojo…. Liquid metal On the Plate for the iPhone 6

Ever since Apple invested in Liquidmetal back in 2010, there have been talks about how this technology could make its way into Apple devices. But now, the company has recently announced a job opening that has hinted at the company finally realizing this idea.

Liquidmetal offers a host of benefits and is essentially an alloy made from various metals. This gives it higher resistance and strength, even up to twice the strength that Titanium offers. The announcement of this job opening has got a lot of Apple loyalists and tech enthusiasts speculating if the upcoming iPhone 6 could be made of liquidmetal.

Wouldn’t we all love a more rugged, better looking iPhone? Hopefully, Apple’s not being  a tease and would actually showcase a Liquidmetal device in the coming future.

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