Leaving behind rivals Google and Amazon, Apple has become the first company to introduce its Cloud service for films in the UK. Under this deal, the company can now expand its iTunes database and give users the option of buying films through iTunes on their iPhones or iPads that too without using any space on their device.

Apple, Google and Amazon all had been trying to settle right deals to allow cloud-based storage of films in the UK, in the past. But Apple hit the jackpot first and will enjoy the benefits of the same. Apple said that it had secured right deals with some of the major studios that include Warner Bros and Universal. Post this deal, Apple will not only be able to bring this service to UK, but also to Ireland and 38 other countries worldwide.

At present, Amazon’s Cloud Player service is only available in US. Google’s Play store, though has reached UK, but does not offer music, magazines or TV shows. But at the same time, Google Play gives its users the option of renting a film on one device and watching it on another without paying any extra amount.

iTunes which is part of Apple’s iCloud service will allow users to have access to music, films, and TV shows and also transfer it digitally to number of other devices. In addition, Apple also has multi-country deal via which users can stream and download songs which are available on iTune. The users can also forward the downloaded copy to five devices. Though this service is also offered by Amazon and Google, but both of them were not able to extend it beyond US.

However, by signing this deal Apple can now offer its services of storing music, music videos, movies, TV shows, apps and books bought through iTunes to its UK clients.

Under the international rights it is compulsory for manufacturers to sign deal for music and TV shows in individual countries. Apple has shown its primacy over others by becoming the first to sign this deal.