Inaccurate information and errors in navigation in Apple’s latest Maps apps drew lot of criticism from all users of iPhone 5 and iOS 6. And things got a little hyped up as Apple Map Apps replaced Google Maps, which had been a staple in Apple’s iPhones and iPads since 2007.

Google Maps is already a well developed application, which is complete, accurate and easy-to-use.

According to a report on Eric Schmidt, Chairman, Google on, he said that the company is waiting for Apple to approve the offer of including a separate Google Maps app in the iPhone. He further said that nothing has been decided up to now, it’s totally going to be Apple’s decision whether Google Maps can be a part of the iOS operating system or not.

Apple replaced Google Maps not because of some fault, but due to its balanced relationship. It seems that once-good friends; Apple and Google are no longer associates.

The rivalry between the two started when Google developed its Android mobile operating system, which runs devices that are Apple’s rivals such as Samsung and HTC. Google’s Android is the most popular smartphone available in the market today.

However, Google refused to comment or give any clarifications about the application being pending in Apple’s hands. But the firm did say that it supports giving the app to as many users as it can.

On being asked to comment, Apple refused to respond.

However, there is a way for users of iOS 6 to use Google Maps. They can access it through their browser but what they will get will be a slightly stripped-down version of the app. The application can even be pinned to the home page, using the share menu in Safari browser.