Delivering innovations at the speed of light, the Apple October event witnessed the launch of several new Apple products, including iPhone 12, Apple HomePod Mini Smart Speaker, amongst other Apple products. It is now expected that the tech giant will have Apple Silicon Macs Launch on November 17. The company is reportedly planning a special event for launching its ARM chip-powered Mac desktops.

At the WWDC 2020 conference held in June, Apple made it public that it was planning to transition from the Intel chips that currently power all of its Mac machines to Apple Silicon. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the 13-inch ‌‌MacBook Pro‌‌ and ‌‌MacBook Air‌‌ will be updated with ‌Apple Silicon‌ chips before the end of 2020.

ARM designs usually accompany mobile devices owing to their greater power efficiency, thus adding more battery life without demanding active cooling. As per media reports, it is also believed that Apple would start relying upon the USB4 standard that is aimed to unify USB Type-C and Thunderbolt protocols to deliver new computing experiences with faster data transfer speeds.

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By substituting the Intel processors with ARM-based chipsets, it is expected that Apple will be able to save 40 to 60 percent. The new Apple processors are designed to add more hardware differentiation to the Mac machines over Windows PCs. The company, during the WWDC event, promised to introduce the first Apple Silicon Mac at the end of this year, but other details haven’t been disclosed since then.

It seems likely that this new Mac will also take on the form of the Mac mini. Following that initial Silicon Mac, the next Mac to gain an Apple Silicon processor will be the MacBook Air.

Tipster John Prosser has speculated Apple Silicon Macs Launch On November 17. He has also speculated that Apple will soon be launching AirPods Studio and the AirTags on March 17, 2021. Prosser also clarified that Apple will confirm the Apple Silicon Macs Launch event on November 10. 

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