Amid leaks, rumors and speculations, fans are getting frenzied over whether Apple will launch the iPhone 7 this September or will it only stick to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus. While Apple has issued no official statement, insiders reveal that the giant is likely to release all the three iPhone variants this year.

Apple Set to Unleash Powerful iPhone7 This might sound a loader of work but going by the patents Apple has filed, we deduce the maker is neck deep in developing a slew of iPhone versions.  Thus, releasing all the three models might not be much of a trek.

We are especially keen on seeing the iPhone 7 this year, since the powerful specs anticipated could change the way we use iPhones. Notable features that we can expect from this Apple release are- 

  • 2 GB RAM
  • A9 processor
  • 14 MP back camera 
  • 4 MP front camera
  • OLED display

Apple might introduce a unique feature called Force Touch for its iPhone 6s Plus.
We already love a similar spec found on the MacBook and if the iPhone 6s Plus receives the same add on, it could mean that the device gets to figure out distinct types of tapping and pressing on it.