Apple is on a roll. Come next week and you will get hands on its latest tune service at WWDC 2015, says a report published in The Wall Street Journal. Apple has always released latest wares and upgrades at the conference and this is no shocker.  The latest service is priced at 10 dollars monthly in case you are interested in streaming on demand on an unlimited scale for all users, without restriction.

Apple Set To Roll Out New Streaming Tune Service, Set To Compete With SpotifyIt seems that apple is set to be a stiffler for Spotify that lets users avail similar services at the same price at the Premium range.The latest Apple service will not have a low tier free membership option though. However, it will put up channels that are supported by ads with selections from DJs host.

Apple currently sells close to 85 per cent of music downloads round the world, according to data from music industry insiders. However, in terms of the streaming niche business, Apple contributes only on a miniscule scale. 

Meanwhile, Spotify has an 86 per cent contribution in the streaming domain in USA alone.  Let us hope the latest release does good for Apple and it raises its stakes in the streaming market.