While the Google Map app has hit Apple’s iStore, the latter has started looking around for ways to strengthen its own map application.

According to Wall Street Journal, Apple has been meeting up people from Foursquare Labs Inc. to bring in local data to its much-criticized map app. Apple senior vice president Eddie Cue has been in discussion with Foursquare to integrate some of the local data and business listings which would help it differentiate from Google Maps.

Google Maps has already garnered 10 million fans in the first few days of its launch on the Apple store. Google Maps have the capability to give street views and public transit directions, both of which are lacking in Apple’s map app.

Apple maps were catapulted in the month of September when the company brought forward iOS6. People who switched over to the app criticized for its lack of data, inaccurate details and dilapidated images.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said he was “extremely sorry” for perturbing the customers with error in navigation and promised improvements.