Former Japanese leader in electronics, Sharp, was facing a tough time until recently on account of slowing demand for TVs. But we’ve heard that Apple put in $1 billion for Sharp’s IGZO screens for its iPad 4. But with the iPad Mini catching everyone’s fancy, the company experienced a slowdown in demand for the screens again.

However, things seem to be looking up for Sharp with Apple’s archrival Samsung now planning to buy up 3 percent of the company for $110 million. While the partnership between the two companies is more for the large screen TVs, we wonder if Samsung’s ploy will give it some form of control over the supply of IGZO screens to its own gadgets as well.

Sharp’s IGZO screens are known to be extremely thin, high resolution and power efficient, making it the ideal technology to include on mobile devices. But Samsung’s not the only tech company looking to help Sharp out. Last year also saw the company receive $120 million from Qualcomm towards jointly developing these screens.