Apple Inc. recently rejected Drones+ app from its App Store. Drone+ is a controversial iPhone app, which sends out an alert to users when someone is killed in a US drone strike.

A tracker application, made for military drones, Drone+ was developed by Josh Begley, a New York-based developer. This rejection marks the third time that app has been turned down.

Apple has its own policies for applications, which determines as to which would be available to users for download and which won’t.

On being asked about rejection, Begley commented that he has no idea as to why the app should be rejected as it just combines news that’s already out and posted somewhere else.

Throwing light on the matter, Tom Neumayr, Apple spokesperson said that the app was turned down as it was messing up with Apple’s standards and its App Store guideline with objectionable content within apps.

Aimed to create awareness about US drone activity, Begley said Drone+ program focuses on a narrow subset of news that could be found elsewhere. He also said that he’s thinking of trying the app on the Android system.