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Is Apple Planning to Pull the Plug Off iPod?

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Apple’s beloved iPod is no more displayed on the official website of the company post shuffling of the portal during its yearly WWDC developer meeting. For the past 13 years, the iPod was indispensable to the company website. But recently, it has been pushed deep beneath the ‘Apple Music’ tab. This is Apple’s novel service for music streaming, launched this Monday, according to

Is Apple planning to pull the plug off from iPod?This new development on Apple’s portal could be a signal of the slaying of the iPod. It is not shocking since we haven’t seen any new update and model launch of the iPod since 2012. Apple did not display sales of the device in its first quarter report for 2015. This was a massive signal that one of Apple’s hottest at one time is dying.

Although Apple seems to be removing iPod from its product list, the iPod has given them many advantages ever since its release in 2001. 

With the release of the iPhone, the MP3 player got a setback. The smartphone is now being used as a holding device with all features of the iPod and more.

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However, if this end is the beginning of a new era of technology then we must say that the iPod has had a good journey so far!

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