apple dual sensor patent  Apple, currently in news for its upcoming next-gen devices such as the iPhone 6, has attained patent for an interesting dual-sensor imaging system. This system engages two different image sensors, designed to capture and compare two dissimilar versions of a picture. This is likely to remove most of the flaws that phone cameras tend to show.

This ‘Dual image sensor image processing system and method’ was approved by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. This new technology  may make its way into new models of the company’s devices including the iPhone 6 ( what would Samsung Galaxy S5 do?), iPod or even MacBook Pro and Mac Book Air. 

Once an image is captured, this patent does all the work. Looking for flaws, it cleans the images on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

On discovering an undesirable level of corruption in a particular area of one of the sensor’s images, this patent is designed to swap it by content captured by the second sensor.

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This latest technology will also be effective in clearing videos.

This technological advancement in dual-sensor system could be a breakthrough for Apple iPhone 6. However, the amount of improvement we see in the photos using this system will be seen only once it arrives on Apple’s devices.