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iPhone 6S May Be Thicker Than iPhone 6–Report


Some insight into the iPhone 6S’s dimensions has come our way from Engadget Japan that claims the iPhone 6S may have about 7.1mm depth. This means that the upcoming Apple flagship could be about 0.2mm thicker than what the iPhone 6 is. In terms of depth, it touches the same mark as the iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple Might Surprise Us With Fatter-Than-Expected iPhone 6S, Says Engadget JapanMore Details On The Form Factor

While Engadget Japan did not reveal where it has got the information from, we did read that the leak comes from a trustworthy source.  Perhaps it could be an insider connected to the manufacturing units for the iPhone 6S.

The hike up in terms of depth for the upcoming iPhone 6S might be justified if it is to see presence of Force Touch technology right under its screen. Rumors have been pointing to such an addition for a long time. Apple has patented this technology that debuted on the Apple Watch. Force Touch could give touch and interactions on the iPhone 6S all new meaning.

Size Story

One piece of good news here is even if the 6S is slightly thick, you may still be able to fit it in your iPhone 6 case. Last heard, the screen size is set to be 4.7 inches just as we saw on iPhone 6.

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