Apple has always enjoyed popularity due to its ability to roll out iPhone versions from time to time. While there have been goof ups, lurches and not so good gestures on each of these iPhones over the years, we still await a new model with bated breath.Ever since tech giant Apple launched the iOs 7, there have been many speculations about its jailbreak release.

The Apple iPhone 7, for instance, reinstates this claim. Industry insiders are pointing to a 2016 release for the iPhone 7, while this year might see tweaked versions of the iPhone 6 and  iPhone 6 Plus.

If job advertisements are anything to go by, Apple is looking for engineers who can work on the batteries for its line of gadgets. This means that Apple iPhone 7 could come with a beefed up and more efficient battery. We don’t believe this points to bigger battery size but it is expected that Apple will pump in a key software suite upgrade with its iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 expected specifications

Buzz makers are touting that the iPhone 7 will pack in 256 GB storage capacity. If this is true, it will make iPhone 7 the first smartphone to have such capacity. Newer ways of syncing the iPhone with other Apple smartdevices such as the Apple Watch will be in the making until 2016. This automatically creates scope for the iPhone 7 to have newer and more interesting ways of cross-gadget interactions.

If Apple chooses to work around public opinion, then we may expect a waterproof handset. As per latest news, Apple is already working on a patent called  Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition (PACVD) that can make the internal parts of the iPhone moisture resistant.

Image stabilization and a newer design are other features rumored to make it to the iPhone 7. As of now, this is all we can feed on, until the real iPhone7 manifests in 2016.