While you might believe that with the upcoming Apple Inc. Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple might prepond or at least shed light on the release date for iPhone 7. 

However, as is Apple’s standard, there has been no official line about the upcoming flagship even being in the making. Earlier this year, we believed that as a successor to the  iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 could come to town by the last quarter in 2015 itself.The Latest Updates About Galaxy Nexus 6

Industry insiders are now opining that Apple might delay the release even until next year. In fact, now we do not even know if the next variant will be an iPhone 7 after all. With the Cupertino giant having seen record breaking sales and quarterly figures– even overtaking Samsung- Apple might just be in no rush to release its next flagship.

More so, the attention of fans and critics are also slipping towards the anticipated iPad Pro. Now again, this has seen no official green and we have not tumbled on a release date even here. All we know is that the maker is currently in talk with Samsung and LG to design the screen for iPad Pro. Stay tuned for more updates around the Apple iPhone 7 here.