Apple Maps AppJust as promised, Tim Cook is doing his best to renew its latest Apple Maps app and fix the problem users complained of in its mapping software as soon as possible.

As per the latest reports, iPhone 5 users in the New York City have noticed a little bit of improvement in the iO6 Maps software as Apple has added more 3D data.

Earlier seen as flat images, users of iPhone 5 can now see the newly 3D-ified Stature of Liberty and an improved Brooklyn Bridge. Same improvements are seen in the map data for much Brooklyn, which is now available in 3D.

These improvements come a week after Cook apologized for the defected Maps app. He made an apology and said, “We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and we are doing everything we can to make Maps better.”

Luckily for all iOS users, the upgrading of Apple Maps App has come sooner than expected, which clearly shows how serious the company is to give users the best experience.

However, there’s lot more that still needs to be done. Apple has added 3D data, and now the firm must correct the addresses, and fix all the incorrect directions so that its Maps App stays perfect, just as its devices.