Apple Macbook pro 2013 would be hitting the shores within two weeks. We are already told you that Apple would bestow the consumers with 13 and 11 inch Retina display model. However, there is still no news about Apple Macbook Pro LTE capabilities.  Till date none of the Apple products have been able to offer LTE capabilities to its consumers.

LTE capabilities make for a cheaper and better data plan experienceand it is high time that Apple should consider bringing this feature to its line of products, especially Apple Macbook Pro. Apart from LTE capabilities we are also expecting a thinner Macbook Pro. It has also been rumored that Apple Macbook Pro is going for a sharper and better display technology.

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Apple has already got a LTE patent for Apple macbook and according to, “The patent, detailed at Patently Apple, highlights a cavity in the MacBook Pro that could fit a 4G LTE antenna. An earlier Macbook Pro 3G prototype appeared on eBay with an external antenna.”

Apple users have their hopes pinned to Apple macbook pro as far as LTE capabilities are concerned. One of the Apple users, Tyler Ridings tweeted, “If my new Macbook Pro had built-in LTE, it would be 100x more awesome.”

Let us know your thoughts about Apple Macbook Pro LTE capabilities.