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Apple MacBook Pro Amazing Features: Why They Are Like Dell XPS 15 Features

Apple MacBook Pro Amazing Features | Dell XPS 15Are you looking for a beautiful, compact, top-quality laptop with a brilliant dense screen? It comes with MacBook Pro with rich Retina screen, correct? No! Well, kind of!

Commencing October 15th, for all those who support Windows or who hardly bother what operating system they are using to socialise, check out YouTube videos, will finally receive a 15 inch high resolution alternative that doesn’t supports the need to jump to Apple.

Features of Dell XPS 15

Dell has come up with top-notch XPS 15Ultrabook, and with configurable options. The 3200x 1800 IGZO screen is Quad HD+ monitor functioned with your pixel resolution. Dell is also supporting 4th Gen Intel Haswell CPU, executing Core i5 and i7along with the addition of discrete NVIDIA graphics. The device supports hard drive with an option of 500GB or 1 TB, combined with SSD of 32GB to support the Dell XPS 15 sleep and start in just seconds.

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If you are still unsure about its competition with MacBook, then the device weighs around 4.44lbs and comes with an ultra- sleek, feathery light design. A final enticing addition is that it will run on Windows 8.1 and will be touch enabled to assist you swipe, drag and tap anywhere on the Window.

Price of Dell XPS 15

While the MacBook Pro costs $2200, XPS 15 commences at $1500.

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