Yes, there are a few things you can do to give a boost to your Apple Macbook Pro battery life. To start with, to maintain this lithium-based battery, its important to keep the electrons active. So don’t leave your portable plugged in all the time. An ideal user would be a commuter who uses his/her notebook on the train and only then does he/she plug it in. At the other hand, you could use a desktop computer at work and save a notebook for infrequent travel,

Apple geniuses recommend charging and discharging its battery at least once per month. Need a reminder? Add an event to your desktop’s iCal. When hte battery doesn’t have sufficient charge to meet your requirement, replace it. In case your notebook came with a built-in battery, make sure that you only visit an Authorized Apple service provider.

To boost your RAM speed, follow these 2 simple steps. Firstly, Max out your RAM. Download a free utility Mactracker (  It will tell you the maximum RAM allowed for your model MBP. Calibrate accordingly.

Secondly, use Software Update or the OS combo update to update your OS.  Also, update everything SU has to offer for your computer.  When done, repair permissions and restart your computer.

These are 3rd party apps (not Apple product).  Any problems you are having w/them you should post in their forums.