Its great news for Apple fans that Apple is now releasing bargains during the Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend. There are many Apple resellers that are giving discounts on popular Apple products; Apple’s authorized stores are offering even more. Here’s a look at some deals you can cash in on:


You may benefit a great deal by choosing Macbook laptop deals. These are quite expensive, but quality wise as we all know, Macbooks are simply the best out there. Apple Store is giving $150 gift card when a buyer purchases any one of Macbook Air, Macbook Pro (with and without retina display). $150-$200 discount is offered by Best Buy on Apple Macbook Pro with retina display. Macbook Air is available at a price $150 lower than the original. MacMall has cut the price in the range $102-$349 on the 13-in Macbook Pro with retina display. On the 15-in Macbook Pro with retina display, the store offers discounts up to a striking $499 figure. Macbook Air is cheaper by $101 to $279, that depends on the configuration of the laptop.


Let’s face the fact, there has been simply no tablet till now that has created a rage in the market as much as Apple iPad has. Now Apple wants to sell more of iPad tablets, its a must to cash in on the deals if you want to own one. You get $75 gift card with Apple iPad Air and also $50 gift card when you buy iPad mini or iPad 2.

BestBuy offers discounts up to $100 on iPad 2 tablets, and up to $70 on iPad Air. MacMall on the other hand has cut your expenses by $21, $30 or $50 on iPad mini, and $41, $60 or $70 on iPad Air models.

  • iMac:

iMac desktop comes with $50 gift card when you purchase that from Apple store, while BestByt offers discounts up to $200. MacMall has cut the price by $102 on iMac desktops this weekend.