Let us power all you MacBook Pro buyers with these 7 useful tips that might just better your hard earned investments.

Firstly, Do not buy a New MacBook Pro Right Now! Like the reputed iOS 7 came up with a Bug fix days into its launch, you might just expect the same in this case. Apple is prone to release upgraded and better models

Next, Prepare for an Imminent Release Date. Apple wants them to sell like hot cakes. They’ll make you feel like you’re missing out on something. Well, you are, but we highly recommend doing a thorough check up on its basic features and a cumulative specs research on the Gold Version of OS X Mavericks.

In-Store Selection Will Be Limited.  Buyers looking for a basic model can literally walk-in into the stores and pick them of the shelf. Those looking for modifying them won’t be so lucky.

Take a Closer Look at the MacBook Air. This helps you get a better idea of what to expect on d-day.

Now Think Power. The New MacBook Pro houses a dual-GPUs, a 4K video support and high-end performance configurations. Those looking for impeccable performance, the buck stops here

Invest in AppleCare. Let’s face it, the money involved here is quite a lot and even though one can assure themselves to take good care of the machine (even in its 1st year), getting your MacBook covered is a good option.

Get Accessories. Lugging the MacBook around does offer a great deal of wear and tear to the lid. Try  buying a protection for the lid & a magic mouse for the touch-screen.

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