With bated breath the world is waiting for Apple macbook pro 2013 release. Rumored to be launched in October Apple macbook pro is speculated to feature Haswell Chip, Sharp’s 4k Display and Retina. The rumored features have ripened after Apple Macbook Air has received its upgrade. Macbook Air now has a prolonged battery life (thanks to Hasswell Chip) and Apple fans are looking for same once Apple Macbook Pro releases. According to the reports Apple Macbook pro would release on October 15.

What makes wait of Apple Macbook pro worthy is the fact that it will come with Sharp 4K Display. With this feature Apple is sure to enhance the display quality of the Macbook pro. The augmented resolution would give Apple macbook pro an edge over Sony Viao Pro 13 and HP Envy 12.

It has also been rumored that Apple can give 3840 x 2160 resolution display so that people can better experience video sand pictures.  What really impresses about Apple macbook pro rumors is that its IGZO technology is energy efficient which will give you a high battery boost up.

So what do you think about Apple Macbook Pro Features? Are you waiting for its release?