The latest MacBook Pro launch date could be just few weeks ahead as Apple ends with X Mavericks 10.9 OS update for a late October release.

The new MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Retina are set to release in the fall and with the Apple event after a week , it looks like, the MacBook update will come sooner. In the previous 24 hours, Apple pushed the X Maverick OS.this OS will bring new specs and better power administration to Apple gadgets which will combine with better processor though we could expect better battery in MacBook Pro.

Apple is rumoured to release on 15th October, and the OS X Mavericks will be launched on the 20th of October. The release of MacBook Pro will also combine Intel Haswell Processor release which is amazingly power efficient and renders decent battery life. The battery life of the 13inches MacBook Air has been raised to 12 hours.

The updates of OS X Mavericks include:

  • App Nap- App sleeps when they are not in use
  • Better iTunes HD Playback – consumes 35% less energy
  • Smarter Idle – Operating system X 10.9 permits low power usage
  • Safari Power Saver – safari will question before running web apps like Flash