Apple Macbook Pro 2013 Exhilarating Features: The Best Business Ultrabook?

Apple Macbook Pro 2013 Exhilarating Features
Apple Macbook Pro 2013 Exhilarating Features
Apple Macbook Pro 2013 Exhilarating Features

Apple Macbook Pro is all set to release on Oct 15 or Oct 22. The updated version of Macbook Pro is getting as much attention as a release of iPhone 6 or iPad would have got.  It is expected that Apple Macbook Pro would have the ease of portability like Apple Macbook air and is expected to be better and faster than its predecessor. Apple has still not confirmed any of the specs of Apple Macbook Pro, however it is rumoured that this offering from Apple would come loaded with some exhilarating features which could prove a boon for the business industry. Let’s take a look at the top three features of Apple Macbook Pro relevant to business:

Apple Macbook Pro Better Battery life and faster processor

Thanks to intel’s new haswell chip, Apple Macbook Pro 2013 is going to have a better battery life and also a better processor. Intel introduced the new chip in June this year and since then it has become a phenomenon.  If rumors are to be believed than Hasswell chip would be included in Apple Macbook Pro and the business productivity would be enhanced by 12 hour battery life of the Apple ultrabook.

Apple Macbook Pro OSX Mavericks

OSX Mavericks is scheduled to release this fall and it is going to be the biggest trump card of Apple Macbook Pro. As per industry experts, Apple OSX mavericks is the most powerful OSX Apple has ever produced. The OS has features like Timer Coalescing, App Nap, Safari Power Saver and iTunes HD Playback Efficiency to erase the pressure on CPU usage thus increasing the efficiency of the Macbook Pro.

Apple Macbook Pro Faster Wi-Fi

It is rumored that just like Apple Macbook air and iMac, Apple Macbook Pro would come with 5G Wi-Fi, 802.11ac. The speed of the Wi-Fi t would make all your internet related business activities blisteringly fast.